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Student Survey

Please reach each statement and give your opinion using the rating scale below:

0 = none of the time
1 = some of the time
2 = most of the time
3 = all of the time

Teacher's Name:
1. My teacher makes me feel like he or she really cares about me.
2. My teacher tries to understand how students feel about things.
3. Students in this class treat the teacher with respect.
4. The teacher in this class treats the students with respect.
5. Students' behavior in this class is under control.
6. Students' behavior does not interrupt my learning.
7. Our class stays busy and does not waste time.
8. If you don't understand something, this teacher explains it in a different way.
9. My teacher knows when the class understands or is confused.
10. My teacher wants us to use our thinking skills and not just memorize things.
11. I am comfortable talking to this teacher.
12. I learn new things in this class almost every day.
13. I look forward to going to this class every day.
14. My teacher makes learning enjoyable.
15. My teacher makes lessons fun.
16. My teacher wants us to share our thoughts.
17. My teacher respects my ideas and opinions.
18. My teacher takes time to summarize what we learned each day.
19. My teacher gives me helpful feedback on my work.
20. My teacher handles discipline issues privately, not in front of the class.
21. My teacher talks with a respectful tone to the class.
22. This teacher knows me as an individual.
23. My teacher's attitude generally makes this classroom environment pleasant.
24. Please list three things this teacher does very well. 1: 2: 3:
25. Please list three things that this teacher could improve in the classroom. 1: 2: 3:
26. Additional Comments: