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Gnome Tome

The middle grade levels, 6-8, are the transition years for students as they acquire new skill sets in organization and accountability and move from a single teacher environment to multiple teachers every school day. The ACAA staff wants to help you be successful throughout this transition and has developed the Gnome Tome agenda as a guide for this. A key part of this agenda is your tracking of assignments and projects on a daily basis and updating your agenda continuously. The purpose of tracking your school work is to stay organized so that you can plan accordingly, be accountable, and responsible for assignment due dates. We understand that at times the amount of school work can be overwhelming. The staff, along with the help and involvement of your parents, is committed to helping you with your transition and growth through the three M’s: Monitor, Manage, and Motivate. Together, you, your parents, and teachers can make this an exciting and successful school year.

Click here for information on the Gnome Tome Program.