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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academics (ACAA) is a public charter arts school serving grades kindergarten through twelve. ACAA is dedicated to providing students who demonstrate desire, interest, and talent in the arts with the choice to pursue a rigorous and innovative curriculum fostering a balance between fine arts and a dynamic academic program of student centered instruction in a college preparatory setting.

Vision Statement

  • ACAA Community Believes:
  • Education is the shared responsibility of students, parents, school, and community.
  • All children have abilities and learning styles unique to them, and all children can succeed.
  • The best curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum the addresses not only the core courses, but also career and aesthetic needs.
  • Technology supports instruction and enhances the educational program.
  • A safe, positive environment supports learning.
  • It is possible to hold students to high standards of achievement in academics, behavior, and attendance if we provide support to help the endeavor.

Elementary Mission Statement

  • Arizona Conservatory for the Arts and Academics Elementary believes that every child deserves the highest quality education that is enriched with the Arts and Humanities. ACAA Elementary believes in student centered approaches that are teacher driven to ensure every child that walks through our doors will thrive in an environment that offers Equity, Excellence, and Success for all students.
  • Elementary Vision Statement

    • Every day is new, every moment is an opportunity for success.