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ACAA Elementary will not require extra days because of Red 4 Ed

Posted On: 2018-05-14 09:22 PM

May 14, 2018

Dear ACAA Elementary Family,

The #Red4Ed movement is a grassroots movement to the increase funding for public education in Arizona has been unprecedented. I have tremendous respect for our teachers and the difficult choices they have made throughout this process.

Our Governor signed an Education Budget into law that will provide raises for educators and more money for our classrooms. It may not be everything we educators hoped for, but it is a victory and an excellent start.

Over the past two weeks, we have also heard from many parents with strong feelings about school closures. I recognize how difficult this has been for families, and we know your next concern is how the closure might effect the rest of your children's school year.

Students, Parents and Teachers, I am relieved to inform you that the school calendar will not be affected. We have more than enough accumulated instructional hours and have determined ACAA Elementary will not need to add days for any grade level.

I want to thank you all very sincerely for your patience over the past two weeks. Lessons have been learned all around as we navigated this important moment in Arizona history.


Mr. Christopher Lalley