Promotion Requirements

Elementary (K-5) Promotion

All students below grade level in both Math and Reading will not be promoted to the next grade level. The following factors are used to determine if a child should be retained:

  1. Below grade level in math and/or reading
  2. Low Benchmark and/or Common Assessment scores
  3. Failing grades
  4. Teacher recommendation support with documentation

Under any of these circumstances, the teacher will work closely with the parent(s)/guardian(s) throughout the school year to insure that critical academic decisions are made with their full understanding. In some circumstances one or more of the above four factors may be present with a plan of retention pending.

3rd Grade Students
The Arizona “Move on When Reading” statute (A.R.S. § 15-701) requires that all parents/guardians of K-3 students be made aware of the potential for retention at third grade if their child is not reading at the prescribed level (please refer to table below).

All students must meet the following requirements to be promoted:

Grade Reading Math AzMERIT
Kindergarten ≥ 42 (*Phoneme Segmentation Fluency) ≥ 65% N/A
First ≥ 37 (**Oral Reading Fluency)
≥ 2 (***Reading Comprehension)
≥ 0.7 grade level (****Galileo)
≥ 65% N/A
Second ≥ 84 (**Oral Reading Fluency)
≥ 2 (***Reading Comprehension)
≥ 1.7 grade level (****Galileo)
≥ 65% N/A
Third ≥ 2.7 grade level (****Galileo) ≥ 65% Minimal Proficiency (Reading)
Fourth ≥ 3.7 grade level (****Galileo) ≥ 65% N/A
Fifth ≥ 4.7 grade level (****Galileo) ≥ 65% N/A

* Phoneme Segmentation Fluency denotes the ability to break words down into individual sounds. Test used is Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS).

**Oral Reading Fluency denotes the ease with which a person can read a passage of text aloud. Test used is Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS).

*** Reading Comprehension denotes the ability to read text, process it and understand its meaning. Test used is Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS).

****Test used is Galileo.