Arts Calendar

2018-19 Arts Calendar
ACAA Secondary

All dates are subject to change – website will be updated in the event of a change.
All events begin at 7:00 p.m. (except where noted)

Thu, Oct. 18 at 4:30 p.m.Band/Orchestra Ice Cream Social

Thu, Oct. 18Play
Fri, Oct. 19Play
Sat, Oct. 20Play

Wed, Nov. 7Guitar/Voice/Songwriting
Thu, Nov. 8Guitar/Voice/Songwriting

Wed, Nov. 28Sec. Band/Orch Concert

Thu, Nov. 29Dance concert at BGHS
Fri, Nov. 30 Dance concert at BGHS

Wed, Dec. 12Piano/Voice/Dance
Thu, Dec. 13Piano/Voice/Dance

Wed, Feb. 20Musical
Thu, Feb. 21Musical
Fri, Feb. 22Musical
Sat, Feb. 23Musical

Wed, Mar. 6Drama Showcase
Thu, Mar. 7Drama Showcase

Wed, Apr. 20 6 p.m.Art Show

Wed, Apr. 27Guitar
Thu, Apr. 28Guitar

Wed, May 1Sec. Band/Orch Concert

Tue, May 7Piano Recital
Wed, May 8Voice/Piano
Thu, May 9Voice/Piano