STARS Program Description

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics S.T.A.R.S. Program

  1. What is S.T.A.R.S?

    Students Taking an Active Role in their Success is a program established to foster improved academic performance in students:
    a) Students come to class with all necessary school materials: notebook, paper, pen or pencil, agenda, binder, and any additional materials explained by the teacher.
    b) Students bring completed homework to class.
    c) Students write assignments in their daily agenda.
    d) Students are on time to class each day.
    e) Students have parents sign their agenda on Wednesday (after school). Teachers will check for parent signature on Thursday during advisory.
  2. How does it work?

    At the start of each class period, open your STARS Agenda and have the following items placed on desk:
    a) Completed assignments
    b) Necessary school materials: notebook, paper, pen or pencil, agenda, binder, and any additional materials explained by the teacher.
    c) Be working on Bellwork assignment.
  3. What do I do during Advisory?

    During advisory students will be working on Study habits and organization. STARS agendas will be checked during every advisory period by the teacher. During advisory students that receive all “yes” stamps for the day will be given the opportunity to join in more hands on activities. During study time students are expected to work on homework assignments, organize materials. Students may also re-take quizzes or get help for ANY academic class by obtaining an Advisory pass from that teacher. If the student does not have an assignment to work on, the Advisory teacher will provide the student with a review skills worksheet in the area of Math, Science, Social Studies or English.

    Students that received a ‘N’ stamp will have to complete a reflection and conference with their advisory teacher to discuss why the student received the ‘No’ and to implement strategies to be successful. Reflections need to be completed and signed by the advisory teacher. If not completed the next school day, the student will receive a “no” stamp in advisory.

  4. What are “Oops” stamps?

    “Oops” stamps are an opportunity for students to prevent a “no” stamp. The STARS program is in place to foster improved academic performance and prepare students to take personal responsibility for their education. However, we do recognize that even the most perfect people occasionally make mistakes. Students are allowed one “oops” stamp per week. Students must document when and why they need to use their OOPS Stamp. The stamp must be used by the end of that class period. Oops stamps cannot be used for progress reports.

  5. What is an Override?

    Overrides are an opportunity for students to allow a positive change in behavior to make up for a “no” stamp in the past. If a student receives 8 “yes” stamps in a row in a class following a “no” stamp in that class, the student can override the “no” stamp and turn it into a “yes” stamp. Students must fill out an Override slip and have it prepared at the beginning of class when the teacher goes around to stamp. This Override slip must then be submitted to their Advisory teacher for documentation.

What If…

  1. I forgot my agenda for the day?
    Students will receive a “replacement” card from their first academic teacher of the day and will receive a “no” stamp for that class. The replacement card MUST be attached in the agenda the following day.
    **If it is not attached, remember that blank or empty boxes will count as a ‘N’ stamp.

  2. I lost my STARS agenda?
    You must obtain a replacement agenda from your advisory teacher. You will be required to pay $2.00 for each replacement agenda. You will automatically receive a “no” stamp for the day and will also lose the privilege of the “oops” stamp for a month.

  3. I received zero “no” stamps?
    Congratulations! Every quarter your agenda will be checked for “no” stamps. Students that have received zero “no” stamps during the quarter will be eligible to attend the reward field trip.
    **Students that have 10 or more reflections are not eligible to attend the reward trip.

  4. I am absent?
    If a student is absent from 2 or more academic classes, Friday intervention will be required. If a student is absent for a full school day this will result in missing 5 academic classes. If a student is absent on Wednesday or Thursday, Friday intervention is required even though the teacher was not able to document in the agenda.

    It is YOUR responsibility to fill out your agenda for the days you were absent and turn in any missed work. Refer to the A.C.A.A. Student Handbook for amount of time you have to turn in missed work. Absent days will receive neither “yes” or “no” stamps.

    Example: Adam was in school on Monday. He received homework to complete in Math that was due Tuesday. Adam was absent Tuesday. When Adam came to class on Wednesday, he brought his homework that was due Tuesday so that he could receive his “yes” stamp on Wednesday. Adam collaborated with a fellow student to fill out his agenda for Tuesday. Adam picked up his missed work for Tuesday and turned it in Thursday.

  5. I did not get my agenda stamped?
    It is your responsibility to get your agenda stamped before you leave a teachers’ classroom. Stamps not obtained by the beginning of advisory are marked as “no”.

  6. I am tardy to class?
    Follow each teacher’s classroom procedures. However, remember it is your responsibility to obtain your stamp before the end of the class period.

  7. I miss a class period during the day?
    It is your responsibility to obtain all of your stamps prior to advisory.

  8. I have not finished all of my homework?
    You will receive a “no” for the class. One of the goals of the STARS program is to help you learn to be responsible. You must attempt every question or problem on each assignment. This will help you build critical thinking skills and also assist your teacher in possible errors you may be making in progress. With a “blank” it is difficult to know where to start with assisting you in concepts. Students must attempt to complete the entire assignment.

  9. I have defaced my STARS agenda?
    Any inappropriate drawings, destruction to cover OR pages of the agenda will result in confiscation of the agenda. This will require the student to replace the agenda and also receive a “no” stamp for the day. Cost of a replacement agenda is $2.00 and student will lose the privilege of the “oops” stamp for one month. Depending on the nature of the destruction, other disciplinary actions may occur.

  10. Can one “no” stamp make me ineligible for rewards?
    No. You are able to override “no” stamps and also use the “oops” stamp each week. However, be aware that towards the end of the quarter there may not be enough days for the override. Use your oops stamps wisely. Additionally, students with more than 10 reflections during a quarter (10 days with NO stamps) are automatically ineligible for the quarter reward.


    STARS intervention is required for students that are failing 1 or more courses OR were absent from 2 or more academic classes. Required attendance for Friday intervention will be marked in the agenda along with the reason why. Every Wednesday during advisory the advisory teacher will document in the students agenda if a student has a failing grade or was missing from 2 academic classes.

    Students that are required to attend Friday intervention will complete an intervention plan and begin working on their plan with their advisory teacher on Thursday.

    During STARS intervention students will attend areas of academic need, as well as work on improving skills to help them receive “yes’ stamps in the future. This will also help the student to reduce the chance of losing credit in the class. Per the student handbook: If a student accumulates 18 or more absences in a class they will lose credit in that specific course.

    Students are expected to show up for STARS intervention with the same materials that they need for a regular school day, including their agenda. Students who show up unprepared or are disruptive to the learning environment will be sent to detention and will miss the opportunity to receive intervention for that week. Intervention is treated as any other school day, where students will need to be signed out by a parent in order to leave before the end of intervention. Students who are not assigned intervention can still come in for academic help, as long as they complete an intervention plan on Thursday during advisory.

    Students that attend intervention and put effort into completing the intervention assignments will be given credit in the grade book for their participation.

  2. How will your parents be notified that you are required to attend intervention?
    Parent Notification of required intervention:
    Part of the STARS program is using the agenda to communicate on consistent and timely basis with the parents. Each Wednesday the advisory teacher will document if a student is required to attend Friday intervention and the reason(s) why. Parents are required to sign their child’s agenda every Wednesday (afterschool). This will serve as the primary notification. Teachers may follow up with an e-mail.

  3. What is the goal of intervention?
    Intervention Goals:
    The goal of intervention at ACAA is to actively work with students and teach them how to be successful. During intervention students will complete assignments/projects, complete re-take requirements to improve grades on tests and quizzes. Intervention at ACAA consists of teachers reviewing the material covered in class that week in addition to reviewing areas of weakness identified by district assessments. In addition, teachers will work with students on basic skills essential to success with future lessons.

STARS Intervention Schedule:


What if…

  1. I cannot attend my assigned STARS intervention or have missed it?
    Students are allowed to reschedule their STARS intervention one time each semester. If you need to reschedule your intervention time, notice must be given to your advisory teacher prior to 8:00 am of assigned intervention. If you have missed the intervention and have not rescheduled, your intervention time will be doubled. Students who have missed two or more intervention sessions may be given further disciplinary actions.

    Since Friday Intervention is treated as a regular school day, the school’s tardy policy will be enforced.

  2. I have detention and STARS Intervention?
    If you have 2 or less hours of detention AND required STARS intervention because you are failing an academic class, you will attend intervention for that class, and then return to detention. This will need to discussed and included in the students’ intervention plan on Thursday during advisory.

  3. My parents cannot arrange transportation to intervention?
    Respect your parents’ schedule. If they have work or school you are inconveniencing them. The choices that you have made are why you have been assigned intervention. These choices can be prevented. If transportation cannot be arranged, avoid getting the “no” stamps. Teachers can assign students intervention for low grades just as they can assign detention for poor behavior in class. It is your responsibility to show up and be prepared if assigned an intervention with an academic teacher.