Curriculum/Academic Catalog

Dear Students and Parents,

This course catalog for the 2015-2016 school year at Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academics (ACAA) is a tool to assist you in making the best course choices you can as you complete your years at this school.

We want every student to be prepared for the future and that starts by making choices regarding the classes to pursue a post-secondary education. As you put together your class schedule, you are also building the foundation for your success in post-high school training and career opportunities.

We encourage every student to map out their educational career with their teachers, administrators, and/or parents. Remember, some academic courses require recommendation (i.e. AP courses) and higher level performing arts electives require an audition (i.e. dance, voice).

In closing, the faculty and staff at ACAA are here to support and guide the success of every student. Your involvement in this process is important. Plan and select courses wisely, taking advantage of the expertise of our teachers, in order to make your years at this school rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling.



Mr. Christopher Lalley Mrs. Holly Foged Ms. Stephanie Jenkins Mr. Ryan Taylor
Director/Elementary Principal Secondary Principal Elementary Assistant Principal Secondary Assistant Principal

Please click on the link to open a printable copy of the 2015-2016 Academic Catalog.