Assistant Principal (K-5)

Stephanie Jenkins

Ms. Jenkins is originally from Tucson, AZ where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish from the University of Arizona. In March of 2006, she began her career in education at Phoenix Thomas J. Pappas Elementary School, which served homeless and underprivileged students. Ms. Jenkins taught third grade for half a year and second grade for two years. When Pappas became part of the Sequoia Charter School family, Ms. Jenkins continued teaching second grade during this transition at Children First Academy of Phoenix. During her year at Children First Academy of Phoenix, she was recognized for her teaching efforts with an “A Day Made Better” award.

After this rewarding teaching experience, Ms. Jenkins transferred to Children First Academy of Tempe where she spent four years as a second grade teacher. Ms. Jenkins was a member of the Leadership Advisory Team and Mentor to new teachers at her school site, as well as a district-wide grade level facilitator for professional development. She continued teaching second grade at Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics for a year before transitioning into a leadership role. Ms. Jenkins earned her Master’s degree with distinction honors in Educational Leadership with a Principal K-12 Emphasis at Northern Arizona University. She holds an Arizona Department of Education Principal Certificate.

Ms. Jenkins’ philosophy of education is that every child is unique, and by fostering creativity and providing rigorous academic opportunities, every child can reach their fullest potential.