About ACAA

Opened in 2003, Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academics (ACAA) is a public, non-tuition charter school serving grades six through twelve. For the school year 2012-2013, ACAA will be expanding to Kindergarten through fifth grade by acquiring the site directly across the street from our current location. ACAA is a member of Choice Education and Development, Inc., managed by Sequoia Schools. Students attend school Monday through Thursday. ACAA’s doors are open on Fridays to offer students free tutoring for more academic support. In addition, Fridays are often used for department rehearsals. If students make poor choices, they are required to participate in an intervention program on Fridays as well.

ACAA achieved accreditation in 2010 and “A” grade status for the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school year from the Arizona Department of Education. In addition, ACAA is one of the top performing arts schools in Phoenix, Arizona. ACAA received the 2010 Award for Top Performing Arts School from the Arizona Department of Education. ACAA also received the National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA) for Higher Performing School in 2011. NCEA identifies higher performing schools that have consistent improvement in student achievement (growth) over the most recent three years and maintaining an “exceeds” standards result on the 2009-2011 Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS).

ACAA offers more than 75 courses in English, mathematics, science, social science, foreign languages, fine arts, and performing arts. ACAA is a college preparatory school offering an innovative schedule, high powered curriculum based on Arizona state standards while allowing for creativity, small classes and a highly qualified faculty of certified educators and professional artists who share a mutual determination to find a better way to educate the next generation. Academic faculty members integrate the arts into their classes, while the Arts faculty integrates academic standards in their curriculum.

Continuing our efforts to enhance a more rigorous and challenging academic program for the 2011-2012 school year, ACAA added Advanced Placement (AP) classes to their academic program. Currently, there are 4 AP classes available with intentions to add more to the program as years progress.

ACAA houses 14 Academic classrooms, a media center that accommodates up to 50 students, a science lab, and a variety of unique opportunities to express ones artistic abilities: 2 dance studios that specialize in ballet and dance elements, a 135-seat theater, a 28 station piano lab, percussion and guitar labs, voice and musical theater rooms, a visual arts studio, and a drama room with floor to ceiling mirrors. All students have access to computers.