Welcome to Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics
An "A" Charter School in Phoenix Arizona

Opened in 2003, Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academics (ACAA) is a public, non-tuition charter school serving grades K-12. ACAA is a member of Choice Education and Development, Inc., managed by Sequoia Schools. Students attend school Monday through Thursday. ACAA's doors are open on Fridays to offer students free tutoring for more academic support. In addition, Fridays are often used for department rehearsals. If students make poor choices, they are required to participate in an intervention program on Fridays as well.

ACAA achieved accreditation in 2010 and a letter grade label of “A” consecutively from 2009-2014 school years from the Arizona Department of Education. In addition, ACAA is one of the top performing arts schools in Phoenix, Arizona. ACAA received the 2010 Award for Top Performing Arts School from the Arizona Department of Education. ACAA also received the National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA) for Higher Performing School consecutively from 2011-2014. NCEA identifies higher performing schools that have consistent improvement in student achievement (growth) over the most recent three years and maintaining an “exceeds” standards result on the 2009-2011 Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS).

Recent News

AP Environmental Science
ACAA's AP Environmental Science Class Teams Up with the Audobon Society
Posted on 09/26/2014
Students from Mrs. Taylor's AP Environmental Science class worked with the Audobon Society to take stock of Arizona Riparian Habitats  more
Edkey / Blue Cross Blue Shield Walking Works Challenge
Edkey / Blue Cross Blue Shield Walking Works Challenge
Posted on 09/03/2014
WalkingWorks is a Blue Cross Blue Shield online tracking platform, inviting you to move from “learning about” to “doing something about” your health. You can use time or miles to record your physical activity, then log and track individual progress on the interactive web portal.  more
ACAA's "Tommy" Wins Four NYA Awards
Posted on 07/11/2014
ACAA's production of "Tommy" received twelve nominations for the annual National Youth Arts Awards, and took home four, including Outstanding Lead Actor, Ensemble, and Director.  more
ACAA's Guitarnauts  are Part of An Evening of Music and Dance with Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock
ACAA's Guitarnauts are Part of An Evening of Music and Dance with Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock
Posted on 05/22/2014
Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock offers free music and dance lessons to teenagers and provides them with many other arts-and-education-based programs. Solid Rock’s teen center attracts over one hundered teenagers per day and their “Proof Is in the Pudding” annual music competition has over fifty bands and singers sign up each year. Solid Rock and MIM are excited to announce a showcase of great talent including the Guitarnauts (the winners of 2013′s “Proof is in the Pudding”), Lelea Fonua, Laura Walsh, and the Solid Rock Dancers. Please join us to experience some great music and dance and to see how Solid Rock is impacting the community and enhancing teenagers’ lives!  more
ACAA Elementary Service Learning Project
ACAA Elementary Service Learning Project
Posted on 04/30/2014
Miss Jenkins’ second grade classroom has participated in an ongoing service learning project this school year involving compassion, volunteerism, and giving to the less fortunate. The students were pen pal letters with the second grade classroom at Children First Academy of Tempe. Children First Academy of Tempe, a part of the Sequoia family, serves homeless and underprivileged students. Miss Jenkins’ students held a school wide donation drive at ACAA. They then created care packages for their pen pals with the donated items received from the ACAA school community. On April 22, 2014, the students participated in a community social event with the students from Children First Academy of Tempe. They traveled to the school in Tempe and distributed the donated items to the second grade classroom. We hope to continue this project for future years to come!  more